Advanced Poker Quiz

17/02/2019 0 By Bobby

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1. Blinds are 400/800.  A player in middle position (MP) raises to a total of 1600.  You are in late position with Jc Jd and with to min-reraise (3 bet) to 3200.  This was the correct min-raise amount.



You have Th Tc on the button (OTB) with a board of :  Kh Qh 8c 9s Ts.  Player 1 (EP) raised preflop.  Player 2 (MP) called.  You called.  Player 1 checked the flop. Player 2 checked.  You checked.  Player 1 checked the turn.  Player 2 bet 1/3 of the pot.  You called.  Player 1 folded.  Player 2 checks on the river.  What is your best play?


How many big blinds are widely considered to be the standard buy in for no limit texas hold em?


You are in the hijack (HJ) with Ks 6s in a tight passive ring game.  The action folds to you.  What do you do?


You raised preflop with 3s 3c leaving your stack to pot ratio 1:1 in a rapidly rising blind structured tournament. You received a call out of the BB.  The flop comes 7d 4d 4h.  The BB checks.  What should you do?

6. Preflop:  2s 2c is a favorite over 9d 5d.


7. A delayed continuation bet is most profitable in which type of game?



It is okay to flip for stacks as long as its not more than 5% of your bankroll.